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Welcome to Praxis Yoga

I am Lina Mookerjee and as the Director of the Praxis School of Yoga here in Nottingham, I would like to welcome you.

The School was borne out of a seed idea held in incubation for many years, until finally coming into manifestation through Yoga teaching in 1999 and the building of the Praxis School in 2005.

The whole School is built on a solid and strong foundation based on: extensive knowledge; expertise; integrity; vast teaching and training experience; well established continuity of service; humanistic values; inclusion; high professional standards; importance on community; an authentic inherited Yoga lineage.
Why practise yoga?
  • To create, improve 2fe and experience a good quality of life – by increasing your flexibility and stamina, physically and psychologically
  • To explore and enable a healthy connection to your spirituality
  • To enable actualising your unique potential and talent into everyday life
Why choose Praxis Yoga?
  • Offering a unique approach to Yoga suited for the 21st century - expert tuition, teaching and guidance
  • Valuing the student
  • Beautiful ‘oasis’ setting in a city centre location
  • “Lina's cultural heritage makes for a unique authentic experience with an instinctive and insightful teacher”


What is the Praxis Yoga Ethos? Building a Cathedral

  • Respecting each student as a unique individual with needs, talents and dreams
  • Enabling and encouraging each student to make their vision into a reality

What is the Praxis Yoga Approach?

  • Praxis Yoga holds a humanistic focus to student-centred learning as the basis of the taught-approach.
  • Why? Every human being is individual and unique, from their own essence and potentiality through to their life journey and experiences encountered to date.

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Who is Lina Mookerjee MA?

  • Professionally: Through Yoga, I offer students a way of learning that enables growth and development, contributing towards actualising their fullest potential - physically, psychologically and spiritually

Read more about Lina - the professional

  • Personally: I am a rich tapestry of my life experiences to date

Read more about Lina - the personal

What’s new at Praxis Yoga?'


The aim of these Retreat days are to offer participants opportunities to be replenished - nourished - stimulated - meet like minded others to share and discuss - all within a safe and nurturing group learning environment. . . .

  • Saturday 8 August:

            THE HEALING QUALITIES OF SOUND & MANTRA - Developing Creativity and Personal Power - Healing Qualities of Sound & Mantra

  • Saturday 5 September:

           YOGA FOR THE WISDOM YEARS - Inner- Transformation during peri- & post - Menopause Are you ready to explore these? I hope so.......


Praxis Yoga latest Summer 2015

Check us out at

New 4 week course starting 30 June - need to book your place in advance.

Latest brochure is below for your information and booking too.

Tuesday evening:          6.30 to 8pm
Wednesday evening :   7.30 to 9pm
Thursday morning:       10am to midday
Praxis Yoga for the wisdom years

Yoga Classes alt

Develop your personal vision and reach your full potential through Yoga. For more information call Lina on 0115 847 1758

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